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Re: DVD and HD file

Berghof wrote:

thanks for your advice, I always thought I can burn any type of file on the DVD disc as long as it fits the disc, so if I create a short HD movie then I believe I should be able to burn it to DVD disc but of course I wouldn't expect this disc to run on a HD player

If what you want to do is to burn a data file to a DVD, you can do that. The procedure would be something like:

  • Export video from iMovie to a temporary area.

  • Insert a blank DVD into the Mac, and let the computer open it with the Finder.

  • Drag the file created in the first step to the DVD volume. (At this point, the DVD volume is really just a "files to be burned" list masquerading as a disk volume.)

  • Click the button (or select the menu item) to burn the DVD.

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