Ever seen this problem with a D200 or other Nikon?

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Re: Ever seen this problem with a D200 or other Nikon?

TITCHY wrote:

some early ones did that ,maybe thats why it ended up on a shelf with only 150 shots recorded .

Unless my (biological) memory is totally out of gear, the OP’s problem is way more pronounced than the D200 banding problem discussed at the time, and I used to have one of those bodies. Typically, banding would manifest itself as very fine horizontal lines and only in very high-contrast areas of the photo, not coarse, vertical and all over, as in the OP’s examples. In his first shot (of the two cameras), banding would be most likely to show up e.g. in and around darker woodwork of the chair against the blown-out background just to the right if the speedlight.

My uneducated guess would be some component in the readout/processing circuitry gone bad, and if I’m halfway right, it can hopefully be fixed for less than a sensor exchange would cost. So I agree with previous posters who suggested sending it in for a repair estimate – it’s still a fine camera.


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