FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: Should I even open the box?

Assuming IQ is at least equal, I feel sorry for those recent posters such as:
last week, who didn't wait & took the dumb advice to go for it (Fz150)...

F\2.8 throughout & 1+mp EVF alone are enough to have been worth the wait... Although the Fz200 intro price is still a bit steep.

If I were even able to give up the MF & MZ rings of my Fz's 30 & 50, I'd still wait a month or two to see if the price drops or not... But for me F\2.8, 1+mp EVF & even better IQ & speed of handling & focus along with wider & farther reach at any price still ain't enough...

Likewise the handling changes & price of the two most recent LX's don't outweigh any IQ improvement over my Lx3... I really think it'll take theft or total breakdown of what I have before I consider anything new...

  • But to answer your question more directly.. I'd send it back & put up with the 35 for another month or more to see if there's any price improvement of the 200... That'll also give you the chance to see if the IQ has been maintained or bettered....

Mike Wrob wrote:

I just ordered a FZ150 yesterday to upgrade my FZ35. Should I just send it back when it arrives and wait for the FZ200 to come out?

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