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Re: Separating fact from opinion.

But one difference is, engineers who make the 100 horsepower engines do not present it as having 100 horses inside the engine to other people. But engineers/ scientists who develop cameras and raw converters many times present to others as if image brightness and exposure are the same thing (even though they themselves know the difference). Examples: you can use exposure compensation in manual mode with Nikon cameras, which changes ISO, or the "exposure" adjustment slider in Lightroom.

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I think the problem you're facing is that people enter the thread, don't read it and move straight in under the assumption that 'exposure' is synonymous with 'brightness', even though you thought you had dealt with that in the OP.

I'm not going back over that thread - but it's good you linked it for those who might be interested.

We seem to be in a game of sophisticated semantics here. And it's now becoming obvious where this is all leading.

It really isn't just semantics - it's fundamental to how a camera operates and how you use it. Sure, different people get by with different levels of understanding, and you can drive a car without knowing how it works, but if you start to believe that a 100 horsepower engine has 100 real horses inside it, you might start to make less than optimum driving decisions.

Regardless of whether we should abandon the "film exposure" paradigm and pretend the world is already operating in an ISOless manner - my statement stands.

That is a separate issue to actually knowing what 'exposure' is, and in particular that the effect of having more light on the sensor is completely different from that of changing the tone mapping.

And yes .. it is constructed around the traditional concept of "exposure providing brightness" - as that is how most people still conceptualise exposure in the real world.

That is indeed how many, probably most, people conceptualise it, but that doesn't make it right, just like the 100 horses.

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