Who else is excited to see how the LX7 turned out?

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Re: Who else is excited to see how the LX7 turned out?

morepix wrote:

Pootle2 wrote:

I would kind of have liked to see something like a LX7-f with a non-zoom lense. Honestly at 90mm I just move my feet, don't bother with the zoom now.

That's an interesting and unusual idea. All the fixed lens cameras I can think of offhand (Sigma, Fuji) have lenses at 28-35mm focal length. Do you really think you'd get along with fixed 90mm?

I must confess, I probably use the tele end of the range more than the wide end on my LX5, but I wouldn't feel comfortable locking myself into the tele end only.

I worded that poorly - I meant just a non-zoom 24mm or 28mm equivalent - I currently never use the zoom, I just leave it at wide angle and use my feet (walk closer) if I need to frame the shot differently. In fact in the 7+ years I've been using what has been classified as high end digital point and shoot, I think I've used the zoom for all told less than 200 shots. I find anything less than 4X equivalent more of a lazy man's crutch than an actual tool.

If that knocked $100 off the cost of the various cameras we compare (lx7, RX100, X10, will there be a G13, etc.) I'd be rushing out the door to buy it.

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