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Re: how thick do you have to be one wonders ....

Kim Letkeman wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

I thought human model poses better and steadier than bird?


  • Some birds tend to sit still, some are very "flitty" ... you need to choose the right tools for the right birds. Professional birders shoot with the fastest dSLRs and still eschew lenses whose AF abilities are slightly slow when they are after the tiny birds that move very quickly. These birds are not viable targets for bridge cameras except at feeding stations, where you can prefocus.

  • Some people can hold fairly still (e.g. models and some adults.) But children are another story entirely. Chasing kids with a bridge cam indoors is folly. You might be able to get some decent shots while the play outdoors in bright light, but fast movement is not a bridge cam strength.

Of course, you probably had some entirely different thought when you made that quip ... you probably thought it was some clever telling point in a one sided argument.

I was referring to that shot of FZ200 which is a shot of a steady model so I don't see why 1/100+ would not be able to capture its sudden movement (if there is any) like blinking of an eye, raising eyebrows or perhaps breathing movement?

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