SD cards that work in a D7000

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Re: SD cards that work in a D7000

Bailey151 wrote:

friedbrains wrote:

what is wrong with you people? don't you ever read the recommended cards? and haven't you read enough of so many horror stories about those no brand name SD cards?

stick with the known ones, sandisk has always been the best and still is! good memory cards are as important as your lens!

Um, ah.....G.Skill is a pretty well known name as is many of the others like Wintec (who actually makes chips). Sandisk has two "advantages" - they're usually more expensive & they're always slow. If I ever come across one that hits it's rated speed I think I'd have a heart attack. Sandisk is as reliable as most but that's about the end of the "pros".

All of them can produce bad examples, would seem this G.Skill card is one of them.

you see, they maybe well know in the RAM arena, but that does not mean they are well known and good at the mem card arena, many make that mistake. if people just take some time to glance the manuals, the tested and rated cards are there and it is always much better to stick to those that are rated and tested as in the case of any system...

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