Sadly, will be returning RX100

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Re: Sadly, will be returning RX100

Randy Benter wrote:

DanK♂ FP6900 wrote:

There is only High ISO NR which I set to Low. Perhaps I may need to bump this up instead for indoor shots.

Yes, I think you should experiment with the different NR settings. You should also try adjusting the Creative Style which allows you to fine tune the Color, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness of the JPEG output.

Right, as with my Canon S95, which offers Colors 'off' or 'vivid' or 'neutral' ...

Also, contrast can set higher or lower. But it does take going through the menu to see how all these things work when you want them to work a certain way...

I'm currently amazed that the Sony's built-in HDR works as well as it does, as I didn't take care to keep the movement that still. That 'micro-alignment' allowing hand-held HDR feature to work is pretty effective. Limited range of exposures though... (But it beats having to have a tripod when you're just walking around doing your normal daily things).

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