Is the Olympus 17mm 2.8 really that bad?

Started Jul 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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17mm one of my preferred lens ...

I have the Panasonic 14mm and 20mm as well as the Olympus 17mm. I find the 17mm is on my Pen cameras more often than the others. I like the the angle of view and the very soft creamy bokeh, especially for "people pictures". Hard to quantify, but I sense that the Panasonic 20mm is a bit harsh. Perhaps it is too sharp!.

I once read on SLRgear that one will not notice a difference of two blur units when measuring lens sharpness. Taking that to heart, the 17mm can compete with the best of them. It may be one blur unit off from the best, but so what!

This isn't my first experience with a favorite lens that the "pixel peeper" found wanting. Back in my Nikon days, my favorite lens was the 18-35mm zoom. It took hits in reviews, but when reviewing photos I always found myself drawn back to photos taken with that lens. I have the same sense for the 17mm.

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