Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

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Re: Qimage original vs Qimage Ultimate print quality

I have used Qimage almost from the time it came out. Its strength was, as is, page amd multiple page layout, and easier printing than possible with Photoshop.

Over time, the application started shifting to RAW conversion and photo editing. The layout routines and printing routnes have what many consider to be only cosmetic improvements. I am included in that group.

The main thrust of QU (Ultimate) is raw conversion and editing. When compared to apps like Lightroom and Capture One, I feel that QU is in the minor leagues in every respect except some aspects of photo layout, and it is loosing its advantage in photo layout when compared to Lightroom.

It is a myth that is circulated by the QU fans that it does better resampleing and sharpening than LR. I have made prints of the same images with Lightroom and QU and asked a nymber of unbiased observers to judge the best in a blind test. All that the test proved is that both applications make very fine prints. A slight majority selected the LR print, and that was before Lightroom 4.1 which has improved the Lightroom results in great measure. The results of the test was not conclusive enouth to say that one makes better prints than the other.

I doubt that you can see a difference in print quality with the last Qimage (Studio I think) before the current version, Qimage Ultimate. Almost all of the QU "improvements" have to do with things other than "printing."

If you're going to keep your work flow in good shape, you're going to either do the whole thing in Qimage, download, convert raw, edit, print, etc., or just use Qimage for layout and printing only. If you use other software for conversion and editing, nothning you do in Qimage can be returned to your original software. That means that you finish your files in your chosen software, convert them to TIFF or JPEG, and let Qimage find it. Then make NO adjustments in Q. Print it and be done.

Since Lightroom, I have only used Qimage Ultimate when I need to to make a series of 4 x 6 prints on 8.5 x 11 paper. Qimage will put three of them on a single sheet. That's hard to do with anything else.

I keep supporting Qimage by buying their update package becasue of all the past value it has been to me. I doubt I'll update again.

Qimage is the product of a one man programming shop. I've been there. I'm sorry to say that a one man shop can't keep up with the many very talented programmers at places like Adobe and Phase One. I'm not happy to see the future of Qimage.

Good Luck,

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