Who else is excited to see how the LX7 turned out?

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Re: Who else is excited to see how the LX7 turned out?

I'm with you...

The size of the Sony (and Canon S100) is simply too small for me to enjoyably shoot. I also don't need a camera to fit in a shirt/jeans pocket. The LX5/LX7 size is perfect for enjoyable handling and small enough to fit into a coat or baggy pant/short pocket.

I still want to see if they upgraded the .jpg engine - found the LX5 colours a bit washed out.

Really like the tweaks to the basic LX5 concept - slightly faster shooting, hopefully slightly better low light shooting etc.

The big thing is keeping it at that lower price point. At the sony price I would just buy a m4/3 with a pancake lense. I would kind of have liked to see something like a LX7-f with a non-zoom lense. Honestly at 90mm I just move my feet, don't bother with the zoom now.

I'm not worried about the sensor. The Fuji X10 I tried does an amazing job with it's EXR (?) mode at 6.0MP - if I bought that camera I would honestly never use it at 12.0MP. The only thing(s) that stopped me from buying it were price ($600 here in Canada) and the lense protruded just that little bit too far to fit in my jacket pocket.

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