New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: underexposure does not exist.

1. underexposure can exist and it will bring out all types of noise

2. that said, Canon has been left in the dust for low iso quality, sad to say (heck I've been ranting about it for years trying to get them to pay attention before it's too late and msotly gotten called a troll for it)

bigbadlemon wrote:

HTP was on for ALL shots, but again, under exposed here is not the issue - there is no such thing as 'perfect' exposure, and we can pretend for the sake of argument that this is how I 'intended' the exposure to look - MINUS the banding.

I appreciate everyone's comments, but people continuously pointing out that something is 'under exposed' does not excuse, or explain , the banding. If no lifting in post processing is done to compensate for this so called underexposed shot, then there is no conceivable excuse on this planet why it should exhibit banding.

I repeat, dark parts of a photo, artistically intentional or not, are not to be punished by horrible banding. Exposure , like many other choices, is a stylistic choice, and while recognising that 'exposing to the right' on digital gives one the most flexibility, this should be no reason for a £3000 camera to be under performing my £300 Panasonic GF2. Nor for that matter a 2005 model canon 5d classic.

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