V1 at Mallorca used in place of my D4

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moog66 Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: V1 at Mallorca used in place of my D4

Bruce kendall wrote:

Who needs a d4 when you take pics like this,great series.

Absolutely no critique of these images (many of them beautiful!) but let's be honest - these sorts of subjects (plenty of light, static subjects, deep DOF) are easily achievable with any half decent camera these days. It more boils down to the lens and most importantly the photographer and his composition skills.

So what does the D4 add over the V1? Amazing low-light capabilities, virtually zero shutter lag, amazing auto-focus (no, the V1 is not its equal...), plethora of controls for direct access, connections, weather sealing, etc etc. None of which relevant here, but relevant when you shoot live football for the Olympic games.

Apples and oranges, and as such meaningless comparison. But yeah, I wouldn't have lugged around a D4 across those mountains either... The right tool for the right job.

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