New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: Apples vs Oranges

Rickard Hansson wrote:

schmegg wrote:

bigbadlemon wrote:

Any thoughts?

Apart from that ...

I see no horizontal banding - only vertical banding. And IMHO that is not normal. I'd return the body and try a different one. (unless you've completely stuffed-up the exposure and lifted the image by many stops - in that case, don't return it because it'll be sent back to you with a 'no fault found' notice!)

Well, the horizontal banding is quite easy to see in the first pic, check her hair, there is a lot of banding in there.

I see only a tad of vertical banding in the hair. It's vertical banding because the camera has been used in the portrait orientation.

You'll see horizontal banding at very high ISO's - at base ISO you'll normally only see vertical banding in the very deepest shadows in the occasional shot if you go hunting for it at 100% pixel view. And that's why I think the OP's camera might need looking at. I've seen the occasional 7D that exhibited more banding than normal. I suspect that the readout channels from the sensor have not been optimally gain-balanced perhaps?

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