Hybrid focusing in SLT?

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Hybrid focusing in SLT?


do you think a combination of contrast and phase detect focus in SLT could easily be added toproduce fast and accurate focusing?

Phase detect as used in DSLR is really disappointing. I have been switching between NEX-7 and A700. I were happy with my A700 for about 4 years but now comparing to the consistency and super accuracy of contrast detect AF DSLR phase detect seems to be a let down.

Contrast detect as accurate as is cannot be used for tracking and is on occasions quite slow. Add that current lens line up for Alpha (or other SLRs) cannot really work with contrast detect.

So I was thinking could Sony mix the best of both worlds andprovide superb accuracy?

I see many ways to do this:

1. Use phase detect all the time and double check focus with contrast detect. If there is drift apply correction to current, Also calibrate the focusing data in the camera so next time when same lens and same focusing point is used at same zoom similar distance there is a correction datapoint. After a while the systemwill only use phase detect at incredible speed and accuracy. It will be a learnign system.

2. May be as a start just hybrid focusing mode can be added where contrast detect will be used at the end to fine tune results. This will be slower the phase detect but absolutely accurate - which does matter at high res and shallow DOF.

3. Perhpas after #2 "auto calibration" can be added - set camera on tripod - point it at some focusing chart and leav for 5 minutes to figure its own focusing system.

Perhaps #1 and #3 together will be awesome too. If you buy new lens and want to go shoot some real photos once in a lifetime chance - wedding, F1 race etc. use #3 to make sure there is some datta to start with so contrast detect does not come to mess things up. It may be nice to switch #1 completely for some critical shots - imagine F1 approaching at 300 km/h and your camera switching automatically to contrast detect to calibrate .....

So Sony could put a bit more options on A77, NEX-7 and A99, right? Then we will not need the manual lens correction thing that no one really knows how to use.

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