When to expect the DPReview of RX100?

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Re: It's being worked on

I can totally understand that explaination. I just would like to suggest that publishing the review when it is complete (using Raw Photo Processor or similar available software with SUPPORT for the camera) but without ACR support would still be acceptable, IMO. One could always store the raws for future ACR conversion (when it is FINALLY updated) and publish an addendum to the review and/or to the studio samples. I say this, because I have a feeling its going to be a month or more until Adobe tosses out support for the RX100 in an update. I know that in the past DPR has made use of alternate (i.e. silkypix) converters and such while waiting for ACR support. I see no reason not to follow the same protocol for now. You could even convert them to TIFF and apply lens correction in PS if you felt the need before throwing up samples.

Just some thoughts for y'all.

Simon Joinson wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

I think a lot of people would prefer to see a full (if slightly incomplete) review rather than the "previews" that DPR seems to be so keen on presenting.

Previews take a couple of days. Our reviews take several weeks. All the work done for a preview goes into the subsequent review. We don't publish rushed, incomplete or otherwise compromised reviews. We would rather be best than first. Whether you think we're best or not is of course a different issue, but we do not believe you can fully assess a complex and expensive camera in a couple of days.

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