Quick test, GH2 vs OMD with 100-300

Started Jul 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
Pete Berry Senior Member • Posts: 2,939
Re: Quick test, GH2 vs OMD with 100-300

A nice comparion series, with little to choose from. In my experience with GH2 and the 100-300, f/8 at the top is significantly sharper.

It does highlight the approx. +0.6 EV ISO sensitivity of the GH2 that I saw in RAW comparisons of DPR's setup shots at base to 6400, which goes far in equalizing noise at similar absolute sensitivity settings - eg, Gh2 at 2500 should give equivalent exposure to E-M5 at 3200.

Take out the -.3EV comp of the E-M5 and you have approx 1/200 @5.6 vs 1/320.


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