How do you not scare bugs away?

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How do you not scare bugs away?


I have a 550D body and I have been loaned the following this summer:
a Canon 100mm macro L
a metal non-electronic extension tube
a C-shape flash bracket
a Yongnuo 468 II flash
a wireless remote flash set
a full manual 28mm lens

a complete set of reversing rings, step-up/down rings and couplers to make these all work

My brother-in-law is travelling this summer and he/they wanted to travel light so he just brought zooms and left me with all the other stuff. Apparently he is into macro as these items when properly set-up can be used for macro shots.

The problem is: I do not know how to set these up.

Here's what I know so far:

1-the 100m is a superb lens and can be used on its own but the magnification is only 1:1

2-the 28mm can be reversed on the extension tube---I tried this but the it scare the bugs away even before I can get a clear focus----am I doing something wrong?

I set the lens at f2.8 and even at infinity or minimum focus distance, the bugs fly off before I can focus. And when I do get it focused, the lens is really near the subject. Is there something wrong with what I am doing?

3-I reversed the 28mm on the 100mm and the magnification is great BUT again it comes very close to the subject. What is wrong?

4-I reversed the 28mm on a 50mm and the magnification is also great but again the lens gets too close to the subject.

I do not want to get macros of flowers and static objects all the time. I want to get a few decent bug macros this summer. 2 or three good shots a week is enough for me.
The lens is really scaring the bugs.

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to correct them?

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