G5 versus G3 ?

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Timbukto wrote:

Yes I am aware, and I am also aware of modes that lets you jump directly to direct AF control.

I just mentioned this because quite a few folks are not aware of this key sequence. (the manual is so bad)

My issue is that this level of control is nice for still pictures, nice for people patient enough to wait, but completely pointless for the fleeting moments!

This is how I use it.

This is what I mean...pinpoint mode is great it lets you do what it says...choose an exact pinpoint! This works great on touch screen...in directional keypad mode + EVF you slowly trudge the marker along like you are playing a terribly controlled video game. It's too slow and too meaningless...this fine-tuning means nothing as it absolutely kills your speed...by the time I move my marker from one corner of the screen to the other...I could have center point and recomposed already, which ends up making you use it like a sparsely AF pointed DSLR.

Yes, I agree. I only use it on a scene I know will occur ahead of time, often with auto focus lock engaged.

My entire point is with fine-grained control of AF, there needs to be user-preset toggles. People here complain about the sparse level of AF points on PDAF sensors and toggling or joysticking through them, but in actual use this is actually quite fast compared to slowly trudging an AF point along and configuring its size to boot!

Yes, I agree it would be nice to toggle quickly to some (user chosen) preset locations. However I don't shoot a lot of action scenes so it is not a huge issue for me.

I do know that you can quickly pick AF-zones like you can a DSLR, but these zones are absolutely massive . I want both fast and pinpoint AF.

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