wishlist for the S100 successor

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S110 Release Date?

Zoom range on the S100 is ideal. While a larger sensor would be interesting, given the G1X, it is unlikely. Also, it would push the price closer to the RX100.

As Canon did with the S90 to S95, changes from the S100 to S110 may be minimal. However, with all the competition in the last year, more changes than typical may be coming.

Is the S100 successor due Oct 2012?

mcshan wrote:

I too would want a bigger sensor. Unlike many I do NOT want more zoom or anything beyond a larger sensor that might make the camera larger. I'd even accept LESS zoom for a bigger sensor and faster/sharper lens. Please Canon don't turn the S series into a line of superzoom crap-boxes. Lastly a built in grip like Richard markets. Keep the S series small and pocket-able.

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