Best RX100 feature: don't have to buy 10 "must buy" m4/3 lenses

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Re: LX7 is a better camera though

millsart wrote:

Depends what focal lengths you shoot at. I personally never use a compact for portraits (wrong tool for that job) so doesn't really matter how fast or slow a compact is on the long end. About only thing I do with it is maybe some landscape detail extraction type shots.

On the wide end, the RX100 is f1.8...

Only at 28mm, and it can't do 24mm like the LX7. Change a little to 34mm and you jump to F/2.8. Zoom just a little more and you are at F/4.

So, much of the range the LX7 will be 2 stops faster which means it should do better in low light and still maintain a shallow DoF.

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