A77 or 7d or D7000 ?

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Re: You have to have a lens

Wally626 wrote:

Good summary of the three cameras. All definitely good cameras capable of taking good pictures. All are pretty advanced for a new shooter. You may wish to step back on level to the Nikon D5100, Canon 60D, Sony A57 or A65. This saves you a little money for lenses or a better tripod. I would recommend the Sony A77 with the 16-50mm f/2.8 kit lens as a good starting point if you want to stay with top of the line APS-C DSLRs. I would hold off on another lens as Sony should be announcing a 55-300mm sometime this fall, which might be a good companion lens. The biggest reason to go with Canon is the telephoto lens line up, it is much broader than Nikon or Sony. The biggest reason to go with the Sony is the live view, video, frames per second, and the articulated display. This is a really great LCD. Nikon has a little bigger lens selection, especially older lenses due to less changes in the lens mounts than Sony or Canon over the years, it also has the best low light capability, it is better than Canon or Sony but not by a huge amount.

I would disagree on a couple of points - lens selection is overstated, sony has plenty of great offerings including high end (70-200, 70-300, 70-400 G) as well as the WHOLE old minolta line-up of bargain lenses (100-300APO, 70-210 f4 constant beercan for 1/3rd price of canon equivalent..). There are also sigma + tamron offerings, honestly if you have money to spend on a lens you will find one that both fits your budget and the quality you are looking for in that budget range. Also don't forget, ALL of your sony and minolta lenses, primes including will be stabilized--helps with low light for sure even if the 24mp sensor + SLT technology takes away from high ISO performance a bit. Also if you are a raw shooter, you will find this difference between brands even less.

to OP - theres currently a major sale that a lot of us have jumped on for the a77 + 16-50SSM f2.8 lens. its $1400 tax and ship included after you sign up for a sony card. go to sonyrewards.com for more info, it ends today i believe. Might make your decision making process a lot easier tbh, as that lens alone is $700 retail and results from it are stellar.

But really, if you want better low light performance go canikon, however in good light i would take a guess that a77 is a good choice as for the 24mp sensor cropping capability + option for iso of 50 with greatest DR. In the end though id try them all in person, find one that feels best to you and then make a purchase as all of these cameras take similar pictures.

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