Results: Astrophotography with the D800E

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Re: Quite the climb up the learning curve

AnakChan wrote:

Tell ya what, it was challenging :D. polar alignment took me more than 1 hr (but I was working in the southern hemisphere, and at dusk, Octans was hard to find.

The other problem I had was my tripod was too light...I had the Gitzo 1541T, Acratech Ultimate Ball head. And I kept kicking the damn tripod :D. So that meant dismantling everything and polar alignment again.

Ha! I can one-up you on polar alignment. On the Astrotrac the polar scope is held in place magnetically. Nice idea but bad execution because the magnets are working upwards, against gravity. This means that if you slightly bump the tripod, the polar scope falls out. Or, if you bump it while polar-aligning, the scope will fall out, poke you in the eye and then fall to the ground. I have no idea why they didn't design it so that you slide it in from the other side so gravity helps keep it in place.

For my next session I'm going to give drift-aligning a try, it's supposedly pretty easy once you get the hang of it and gives better results .

Photos at

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