Nikkor 85/1.4g an expensive dog on the D800?

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Thanks mate, I scrolled for years on my iPad and got it... He really should update his review page if he reverses the conclusion.. And I have to say it is rather bizarre to recommend one lens for D800e and another for D800... I call bs on that one. But then I will give the man a pass, he is a seriously talented shooter, and he went through the left AF issue, it can make one a little crazy

Quote for the scrolling challenged:

Nikon AFS 85/1.4 G (May 2012, 7-9/10 depending on which body you use) – Much better on D800E than D800; I would say for D800, it’s 85/1.8G > 85/1.4G; the other way around on the D800E – the 85/1.4G matches the 85/1.8G and has a higher T stop and f stop to boot. Goes back on the recommend list – but only for the D800E. It’s a very cinematic optic that has excellent foreground and background bokeh; one of the few equals to the Zeiss 85/1.4 Planar in this regard. It’s also sharp consistently across the frame, even at the edges and wide open; the huge amount of CA of its predecessor is gone, too. All in all, a wonderful lens – one of my favorites on the D700, and I’m glad it’s also working well on the D800E.

John Brewton wrote:

Ming's new thoughts on the 85 1.4G are under the "Camerapedia" article at his blog. You have to scroll down quite a ways.

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