Results: Astrophotography with the D800E

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Re: Quite the climb up the learning curve

Hi Jarno,

Tell ya what, it was challenging :D. polar alignment took me more than 1 hr (but I was working in the southern hemisphere, and at dusk, Octans was hard to find. I can see why people say though D-SLR is easier than film. I was so used to the old reciprocity failure, keeping film cold, swapping focusing screens, eyepiece magnifier, etc.

This was new but I learnt to use LiveView and digital LCD zoom for focusing. I highly recommend this. However one needs to use bright stars...dim ones don't seem to get picked up or displayed on the LCD (or if they do, they blink).

The other problem I had was my tripod was too light...I had the Gitzo 1541T, Acratech Ultimate Ball head. And I kept kicking the damn tripod :D. So that meant dismantling everything and polar alignment again. However, with the results at first D-SLR astrophotography attempt, I'm happy.

Good tips mate, without the advice from this forum it would have been more challenging.


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