From DLSR to NEX. How Tough a Transition?

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Re: From DLSR to NEX. How Tough a Transition?

I was hesitant as well, I thought it was a terrible idea when Sony replaced some of the control dials that were on the Konica-Minolta 7D. I bought an A850 and within a few weeks I was more comfortable using it than the 7D. Then I decided I needed something smaller/lighter for traveling and bought the NEX-7 which at first felt very foreign. We went on a long trip and I left the A850 at home, shot the NEX for a full month without touching the A850. When I pulled the A850 out of the bag I realized I had completely forgotten how to use it! And it felt HUGE and heavy! Now, all that said, I'm keeping my A850. The NEX is a wonderful camera and quickly becoming my go to camera but for me there are four issues. No remote/cable release, the low light focusing is not on par with the A850, the auto-bracketing is a joke, and my cache of A-mount lenses.

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