Canon's 18mp Sensor

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To me its simple math, the customer gets what they want, any cost involved gets passed on.

I can tell you that L'unity, Techumsey, Culthorn, Sanyo, ABB, CCM and Kirby are all brands of compreesors they all come from the same factory in France they all have individual looks and lables and models numbers but when you open them up they are all the same you can even change parts between them. Funny though how some people swear on is better than the other.

Another example Air Conditioners / Heatpumps the list of brands are almost endless but 95% are all built by 3 majour companies one in china, one in Japan and one in malasia there is another in India but it is the same company as the one in china. the top 5 brands come from malasia and japan. Even the mighty Carier now AHI is built in china not US anymore. They all have their own brand of compressor and PC boards made just for them yet they are all basically using the same components from the same factorys as it comes from the same factory.

Just because it sais Nikon does not make it a Nikon

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