12-35 @ 25mm vs 25mm 1.4?

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Re: 12-35 @ 25mm vs 25mm 1.4?

TonyGamble wrote:

"The question is, how does the IQ of the 12-35 at 25mm compare to the Panny 25 1.4"

Unless you are producing poster size prints you will find little difference in the IQ.

What you need to consider is (in no order of importance) :-

1 Do you want a zoom? Shooting with a prime is a difference experience. Most of the legends such as HCB, Adams, Capa managed without zoom. If you haven't used a prime for a while you might find it a refreshing experience.

2. Do you want f1.4? Low light photography. A revival of 35mm bokeh. You are not going to get these with the 12-35 to anywhere the same degree.

I am sure this thread will be followed by masses of IQ comparison charts. But IQ does not a picture make! I covered an event last weekend and some of the best shots are quite fuzzy (focus and/or movement). They will be judged on how they captured the occasion and not on IQ - or lack of it.


Cheers for this, and this is sort of what I'm aiming at. Essentially the 12-35mm, for me, seems like a no brainer. I shoot the majority of the time between wide angle and normal (so this focal length range is perfect), outside on the hills (so weather sealing), and can be in lowish light (evenings on the way back down etc) so it fits the bill perfectly.

I also really enjoy shooting with a 50mm prime (have one on an OM-2 and it's fantastic) and specifically shooting it fully manually. So, if the IQ of the 12-35 at 25mm is good enough that in any normal viewing situation (on screen, small to mid prints) the IQ is inseperable between the two then I will probably buy the Voigtlander 25mm 0.95 so as to have a fully manual 50 to play with, with the added bonus of some super low DoF/light playing around added in. Which it sounds like is the case. So big win there!

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