New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: underexposure does not exist.

bigbadlemon wrote:

the sheer price of the item in question and the reputation of the brand should be enough to confer quality, reliability and improvement over previous models.

We're not really disagreeing on the way things should be (I fundamentally agree with you), but about the way they actually are and how to deal with it. Expecting price and brand reputation to be a guarantee of quality is just naïve. Expecting marketing to be fully explicit about every single implication of every single feature is also naïve.

It's also many many times the case that a new item does not outperform an older one in every single area. In fact it's quite frequent. To stay within the camera business, just as example, the D800 looses the AF area selection lever that was implemented on the D700. For somebody not interested in video, that's a loss.

Finally I'd expect a professional to get technical when the need arises. Just the day when I bought my 5DIII, I saw a pro customer (with a full bag of equipment like L lenses) come in with a 1D body, complaining about some issue. The store owner fiddled with the settings for a few seconds, and voilà, problem gone. When I came back a few days later, he asked if I liked the camera, to which I answered, among other things, that I wished it were more customisable. He responded that he wouldn't want to, as many professionals came in his shop to solve a problem that only required a trip through the menus (and it's not like Canon menus are complicated, try Olympus ones). I also heard another day a pro talk about a "pink" cast to a picture (instead of talking about a magenta cast, and therefore unable to realise that the "pink" slider he was searching was in fact the "magenta" one), etc. I know these are extreme examples, but still...

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