New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: underexposure does not exist.

I think, on a fundamental level, we shall have to a agree to disagree.

Dropping £3000 on a top brand, semi-professional body should result in great, if not professional results, without 'playing around' with the images first.

You may well be right that IF you read all the forums in the world first, and spend hours researching x y and z then you'll have more knowledge, but at what cost? An awful lot of time potentially wasted. And that's IF you have the knowledge to sniff out the truth form the BS. And there's a lot out there. It's a time consuming skill to sift through it all - and you may want to - others may not. (nor should they HAVE to)

I work in an industry that uses photographics daily and know MANY artists who do not have the foggiest idea about anything technical - thev've never needed to and don't see why they should. And despite myself having many years technical knowledge, various degrees, cisco certs etc etc I tend to agree with them - what they are buying is a CAMERA - and it should do what it says it will do, the same, if not better, than the models proceeding it.

There should be ZERO onus on the buyer to have to know these things - especially when they're not highlighted at the point of sale nor in any of the mainstream reviews of the product in question. So while you point - if you spend hours researching everywhere you'll know more' may be true - it's also overkill for many - the sheer price of the item in question and the reputation of the brand should be enough to confer quality, reliability and improvement over previous models.

I love the job I do and pick a tool for the job - I'm brand agnostic and a terribly disloyal customer - I'll go with the best, most cost effective tool. I also think that one should be able to trust a £3k to outperform a 7 year old model on every metric. Every, single, one. Without reading a single forum post

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