New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: underexposure does not exist.

bigbadlemon wrote:

HTP was on for ALL shots, but again, under exposed here is not the issue - there is no such thing as 'perfect' exposure, and we can pretend for the sake of argument that this is how I 'intended' the exposure to look - MINUS the banding.

I appreciate everyone's comments, but people continuously pointing out that something is 'under exposed' does not excuse, or explain , the banding. If no lifting in post processing is done to compensate for this so called underexposed shot, then there is no conceivable excuse on this planet why it should exhibit banding.

I repeat, dark parts of a photo, artistically intentional or not, are not to be punished by horrible banding. Exposure , like many other choices, is a stylistic choice, and while recognising that 'exposing to the right' on digital gives one the most flexibility, this should be no reason for a £3000 camera to be under performing my £300 Panasonic GF2. Nor for that matter a 2005 model canon 5d classic.

It seems you just want to vent off your frustration here. But frankly, you'd expect somebody ready to drop more than $3000 on a camera body to do his homework, download some raw files, try to play with them, see how you have to adjust your workflow, read countless reviews and forums. I personally bought mine knowing fully well that I'd have to readjust my workflow to correct for some banding in certain shots. It's not like it's an issue nobody talked about, it's been like this for quite a long time now on Canon bodies, and especially when post-processed through Lightroom (it's also the case on other softwares, but to a lesser extent, I believe that may have to do with the openness of their shadow curve). Second, you'd expect any professional to train themselves with their cameras before putting it to good use on a professional assignment. I know it's always tempting to play with your new toy when it arrives, but if those shots were for a living, I'd have spent time before with the 5D III or used your 5D classic.

I do agree that it's an issue Canon has to address in their future release if they want to remain competitive. But right now, the 5D III is what it is. You've gotten plenty of advices here on how to minimise it before the shot (including not using HTP and overexposing, as you can always adjust it later on to suit your vision in post as long as highlights aren't blown out), and how to reduce it afterwards (personally I was able to correct all the banding I've seen on your raw files to a satisfying degree, even with HTP on). Think you've got a faulty camera (I don't think so) ? Give it to Canon for a check. Don't like it ? Resell it. Want to complain about Canon's banding issue ? Flood their mail services with such complains (but I'm pretty sure they're already fully aware that's one of their weaknesses - they're not addressing it for a reason, and no quantity of ranting on your part will make them change that any faster).

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