New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

Started Jul 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: further RAW examples , 5d Classic and MK3

You might well be right - I accept that there might be no solution other than to disable HTP and over expose 'permanently'. If this is the case, then , on balance, the AF, build, viewfinder, high ISO, sharp screen and general updates make this worth keeping.

The sad thing is though, that OTHER cameras do not do this, and nor do they cost this much. If a camera can't offer a feature designed to improve image taking without doing the reverse, then it should not be a feature.

In reference to my particular images, the banding noise is pretty much everywhere that counts , despite it being controllable. I hope that the other camera is better, but I really do accept that it might be the same. In which case canon is performing poorly in this area compare to the (cheaper) competition.

We really do need a system of #open source# lens makers with common interchangeable mounts = 4/3's has a lot going for it in that respect - as you're not tied to any body / lens system for life - and this would make them all compete for our business and sort out things which, for £3k, are inexcusable. But I digress....

Help appreciated, btw

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