17-40vs16-35 for landscapes ? on a 1Ds3 ?

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Re: I agree...

Clint Dunn wrote:

I'm actually quite happy with my 17-40....but then again I pretty much only use it on a tripod at f8-f11. I believe the OP said that he wanted it for landscapes and if that is the case the 17-40 is respectably sharp into the corners at f11....not so much at f4. I actually sold my 16-35mm because at f11 there isn't much difference between the two and I wanted to save the money.

With that said, half the people here who complain about the 17-40 probably aren't even capable of getting the most from it. If you can't get an awesome photo from this lens...you're the problem. Take a quick look at flickr hive mind to see what I am talking about:
Yeah...the performance of that lens looks really terrible doesn't it:)


So what exactly do you have to do with this lens that is different from any other lens?

What don't I know to make it work? unless it's stopped well down for the corners it's poor, stopped well down we get diffraction and at any F stop the distortion is pretty horrible. It's good into the Sun is about the best I can say about it, at 32mm it performs at it's best. I love it and hate it, I use it more than any other lens I have, I still think it should be much better,


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