Camera Phone sensor size

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Re: Camera Phone sensor size


I own the Nokia 808 PureView for 2.5 week now and I am still amazed by the quality of the full res pictures. I don't understand how it is possible to get so many details and so less noise. After all the pixelsize is only 1.4 um. And in full res pics oversampling plays no role. I work with Nikon D300s, Pana G3, and Canon S95 but the sharpness of the Nokia extends in many cases. The lens on the Nokia must do a very good job too.

Here's a link to the 100% view of one of my test pictures with the Nokia 808 PureView. With only little PP done in PS.

Taken at 400 ISO. Only top left there is some noise but this will not spoil the picture (7152x5368 pix @ 240 ppi) which can be printed @ 76x57 cm (30x22 inch).

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