Results: Astrophotography with the D800E

Started Jul 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jim Dougherty Regular Member • Posts: 103
Re: Results: Astrophotography with the D800E

Please help a seasoned landscape photographer but a newbie astrophotographer....

Next week I'll be taking my E and a new Vixen Polarie star tracker to 12,000 feet, for four nights, north of Durango CO.

I think I understand how to shoot the stars -- by aligning the tracker with Polaris and opening the shutter for a minute or two. I may use ISO 800, but don't have much of a feel for that.
I may use a 50mm prime, probably around f8. I'll practice at home.

But is there a way to get background into the image (e.g., peaks)? It seems to me that if the camera is rotating on the tracker then the stars will stay sharp but the land will be blurred -- just as using no tracker will produce sharp landscape features but star-tracks.

Should I first shoot the landscape with the tracker turned off -- say for 30 seconds -- to get a sharp background, then turn the tracker on for a minute or two to get the stars, and then blend the two images in post?

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