Best RX100 feature: don't have to buy 10 "must buy" m4/3 lenses

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Re: Best RX100 feature: don't have to buy 10 "must buy" m4/3 lenses

photo perzon wrote:

A philosophical problem with m4/3 is every other article is covering another must buy $ 1000 m4/3 lens.

Why is that a problem? you get what you pay for, great lenses are not cheap.

I had $ 4000 in m4/3 and replaced it with a $ 645 RX100. The results? Considering nobody is paying me to take pictures? $ 3355 are the results!

Since when did you start worrying about money?

Having a lot of fun, most times the pictures look the same. I do miss the Oly 45mm 1.8, but not any of the other lenses. The RX100 has a great 28mm 1.8 and it also has reach.

What a 28-100mm? How about 7-300mm? (that's the range I normally shoot in)

And at 7.5 ounces and a built in bounce flash, results are quite good.

I'm sure they are, they should be for the price.

If they come up with a EVF to plug onto the RX"200" I'd go for that, in case I ever take pictures in the blazing sun.

It's a point and shoot with a big sensor and fixed lens, if that's what you need then fill your boots, it's the right camera for you. It's not a system camera so it's not comparable to any m4/3's camera, it's as simple as that.

So when are you getting the GH3?
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