My camera is better than your camera

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My camera is better than your camera

Just for the sake of clarity, and for the benefit of the whole Internet, I would just like to state, for the record, that my camera is better than your camera. You see, I spent a lot of money on my camera and you're sorely mistaken if you think that I'm willing to let anyone believe that your camera is better than mine. The very idea that your camera might be able to take pictures that are even remotely as good as mine, is repulsive. I have many fine (and expensive) lenses and though I hardly use these lenses, or my camera for that matter, you should know that all this equipment is kept inside a really expensive and impressive camera bag (that is no doubt better than your bag) and that if I wanted, I could, at a moment's notice, take my camera out and shoot images that are way better than yours. The pictures I take, by the way, are better than the pictures that you take, because I have a better camera than you have. Mind you, I'm not really happy with my camera (though it IS the best camera in the world of course) because I'm waiting for that new model to come out, which will be even better. 'Cos even though my camera is the best camera in the world, it does have some 'AF issues' that constantly prevent me from taking my amazing photographs I often talk about but never post, mostly because I haven't taken them yet. So, to summarize, by camera is better than yours because:

1) I spent a lot of money on it, and it gets great reviews - better reviews than your camera, which is, of course, a horrible and useless camera

2) My camera has the latest technology so, if I were to ever use my camera, it would take pictures that are better than yours

3) Even though it has 'AF Issues', it has much better 'AF Issues' than your camera

4) My camera is used by PROs. (though I have to mention that, if I did actually use my camera to take pictures, my pictures would be better than the pictures PROs take)

5) My lenses are kept inside a special, anti fungal temperature controlled cupboard with UV lights, so if I were to ever use a lens to take a photograph (which I don't) the lens would be perfect, and would take a perfect photograph

6) Altough I don't really use my camera, I have written many posts about my camera, so I really know how to write about my camera and say awesome things about it
7) I say so

Hope that clears things up for you.

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