New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: true raw file here , zero PP

bigbadlemon wrote:

well i don't see a ton of banding on this ISO400 one but the noise seems a bit high and kinda chroma blotchy for ISO400

granted my similar shots were with natural lighting and reflectors and ISO160, which is quite a different scenario, but they sure didn't have that blotchy chroma noise and so on, mine look a lot clearer (granted ISO160 so more light and natural light is easier on cameras than studio lights, but still)

i'm suspicious it might be a bad body, can you shoot the same scene side by side with a 5D2 or another 5D3?

someone on canonrumors was complaining that they thought their studio had received a super noisy 5D3 (maybe it would explain the guy whose test had showed the 1DX to be almost a full stop better than the 5D3 too?)

EDIT: although I see now that HTP was on so it was really an ISO800 shot, so that is pretty far from my ISO160 shot, hard to say again, maybe it's normal for ISO400+HTP and a high DR scene

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