m4/3 - no U.S. market penetration...yet?

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Re: Wait for Canon.

Despite a larger sensor, my Sony NEX 5N is actually lighter than my Panasonic G3 with its non-OIS lens.

If you want to see big fat heavy lenses, you don't have to look far to Canon, even Pany 55-200, 100-300, 14-140 are relatively big fat and heavy.

Actually the upcoming Canon mirrorless seems to have a larger body than people would anticipate, that's what Canonrumors.com says.

I don't know why you are so prejudice and ignorant againts Canon and Nikon.

People who buy them are not stupid as you think they are. There are plenty of inexperienced buyers regardless of what cameras they buy.

What's so revolutionary about OMD EM5?
I certainly didn't read that in the review in this website.

Don't blame Canon, Nikon or Sony for Olympus failure to sell more cameras and gain market share. Olympus can only blame itself.

First it sticks for too long with the 12 mpix with poor low light performance.

I recall the conversation with Olympus executive who thought this is about as much megapixel as they would cram into a 43 / m43 sensor.
After several generations, they finally come up with a 16 mpix sensor.

My friend waited for a long time until he almost canceled his pre-order OMD from Amazon. That's not anybody's fault except Olympus own for failing to deliver and keep up with the demand.

I like OMD and would like to buy one myself but the price is too high.

Sony and Samsung have mirrorless cameras with larger sensor, equal or higher mpix and much cheaper price. Other features are comparable.

At $699 with kit lens, Sony NEX 5N and Samsung NX210 are about half the price of OMD EM5.

The Olympus carries a $600 to $800 price disadvantage againts the Sony and Samsung. How do you explain this to a prospective buyer?

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