Sonyrewards is selling the A77 with 16-50mm lens for $1500

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Re: Sonyrewards is selling the A77 with 16-50mm lens for $1500

Those things i really would have to test.. i really should i have an hvl58am sitting around that im trying to sell.. i know on my a57 exposure was consistent w/ flash and results were stellar.

As far as jpeg, im teaching myself to shoot raw because if i spent money on a camera like this with a 24mp sensor i might as well go the extra bit of effort to maximize the potential

i was very happy with a57s performance in high iso and i have not had the chance to test a77 yet. However, the auto iso on a57 is abysmal (non-adjustable, jumps to 3200 at every opportunity).. on a77 its adjustable. Also i believe that best photographs come from good light (or handheld twilight mode stuff :P) in that sense, a77 has iso 50 that is simply something a57 does not have.

As far as speed, id imagine for an average user there is no difference. Otherwise, id expect it to be slower, but i can shoot off 15ish shots before buffer kicks in, and then its pretty fast, and im using a random $30 32gb card. Unless you specifically really need top notch performance in that aspect, i would say the difference is negligible.

I donno to me personally, the feature list and ergonomics of a77 (+ superior performance when in good light) far outweighs the bonus of a57 superior JPEG engine and better high ISO performance due to the smaller sensor. With my a57, while it was a capable camera, i felt like i knew it well (maybe my own ignorance though, and the fact that there is no gary friedman a57 book...), and with the a77 i feel like i have a large pair of shoes to grow into.

I'll test the flash performance though, i know gary writes that simply compensating by -1 flash exposure fixes the issue and he also suggests that newer a77 dont suffer from flash inconsistencies.. but i really should test it

andyfl wrote:

unravel wrote:

Hey Andy,

honestly its kind of a preference of what you want beyond anything like image quality/etc. A77 is a heavier, bigger body with a LOT more functions, customizations, primarily ergonomics. I really love the accessability of a lot of the options, the dual dials are miles ahead for me than a57. However, if you want a more compact camera that takes GREAT pictures without some of the advanced ergonomics its a fine choice.

for me personally, i feel like a77 pushes me more to discover how to use it well and to become a better photographer by the virtue of acquiring more knowledge. a77 almost demands it.

also like another poster said.. my god.. the focus peaking with DMF or whatever its called... basically after AF system finds focus you instantly go into manual focusing with focus peaking showing you where the system has focused.. its like a whole new dimension in AF IMO anyway.

also, gary friedman's book has blown my mind and ive only been through 80 pages out of 500+

To me personally, a77 feels more like a prosumer tool and a57 more of an introductory model. Everything i said could be off base and completely subjective, but i prefer a77.

Thanks unravel. I appreciate the input. The size/weight is one of the things kind of holding me back from the A77 a bit. Unfortunately there are no A77's locally for me to hold and try out. Many of the features on the A77 would be great to have though (particularly micro focus adjustments per lens and DMF).

Do you have any thoughts between the two cameras on ISO 1600 & 3200, and JPEG quality? Also is the A77 "slower" than the A57 processing shots - having to deal with 50% more data? Also any issues with flash overexposure?

Thanks again,

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