Cost for sensor replacement for D700

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Re: Cost for sensor replacement for D700

doncha wrote:

Is it REALLY that expensive a part, or are they trying to take advantage of what they think is a situation that the customer won't say no to?

As Joseph says, manufacturers only do module-level replacement. And for the most part, that's the only thing that makes sense for anyone given the way circuit boards are made.

The sensor board on the D700 has the outboard amps and A-D modules on it too. That includes over $250 in six dual-channel Analog Devices ICs. The D700 processes 12 channels in parallel.

The sensor chips themselves are no longer part of a current product and now have to be made either in small quantities, or in larger quantities that sit around for a long time unsold.

But it still is an excellent camera, still worth real money. I think Joseph's suggestion is the best one. Get the IR/AA filter replaced. There are places that have done a lot of cameras this way.

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