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I do not have a set list of things applied as each damaged picture is different. I do you unsharp mask on some pictures. On this one the silver was turning the print so I used a layer set to soft light to correct this. I also did some patching of hair and clothing. I have a large collection of old photos going back to the middle 1800's to use parts from to redress or add missing body parts. I have even photographed close relatives that look like someone in the picture to get a body part and then add texture and noise to match the orginal photo. Final trick when needed on one that has the silver fading and giving you that shine is to photograph it straight on, Then mount it on a board that is attached to a trypod rotating head.. I angle it up or down and sideways until all the shine is gone. Photograph it then use PS to straigthen it back. You get a picture without the shine and no distortion. I use the straight on version to compare. By clicking previous you can see a lot of restorations on the web gallery

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