Cost for sensor replacement for D700

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Re: Cost for sensor replacement for D700

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I actually do not know how bad the scratch is, at least in Nikon's eyes. This all started when I took it to the local shop to have them clean the sensor for me. I had noticed a couple of small spots in some pics taken while shooting sunsets and figured it was dust on the sensor. I have the built-in cleaner set to clean when the camera turns on and off, and I own a rocket air cleaner, neither of which changed anything. All the shop did this time was try to blow it out with air as he had no swabs. This same shop DID clean the sensor with swabs last fall. At this point with the huge estimate I am now trying to get the camera back from Nikon, I have had no correspondence from them since it went into "re-estimate" status on their web site. The actual quoted estimate is for $1447.47! I said before IF I can get it back from them I am probably going to use it for awhile as I have some family events I want it for, and then send it out for the "HR" upgrade/conversion. It seems to be what would work the best for me at a price that I can handle, unlike Nikon, who wants you to pay the equivalent of almost a whole new camera for the repair. Is it REALLY that expensive a part, or are they trying to take advantage of what they think is a situation that the customer won't say no to? IF by any chance that the condition of the camera is any WORSE than when I sent it in, then we will have a problem! Thanks again for all the help! And wish me luck getting the thing back!

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