wishlist for the S100 successor

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Re: wishlist for the S100 successor

Amazing how so many things can be fixed with firmware! Sounds brilliant. Any idea if manual focus during recording is at all possible?

DaaamnGina wrote:

Some good ideas here. The good thing is that a lot of these can be done with firmware. Wouldn't it be great if Canon added these with an update like the 7D?

  • Better battery life

  • Make camera more responsive . E.g. When switching modes (PASM), hide the large icons showing the mode when the shutter button is pressed. You currently have to wait a couple seconds for it to go away. This drives me nuts.

  • Brighter aperture on the long end. I wouldn't mind a slight increase in size for this.

  • Allow more items in Custom menu

  • Allow more functions to be custom assigned to buttons

  • Add noise reduction settings

And just to agree with the other ideas posted...

  • Faster auto-focus, especially in the dark

  • Faster responding menus. Get rid of the animations

  • Max auto-ISO should allow all available ISO, not capped at 1600

  • Remove IS0 80 requirement for long exposures

  • Handheld HDR and panoramas

Some minor ones

  • Better flash power adjustments in manual mode (only 3 settings currently)

  • Better battery life info. Currently show low power as the batter heats up.

And a dream would be

  • Constant aperture. I would gladly give up some compactness and telephoto zoom for this... 24-70mm f2.0?

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