E-M5's C-AF-Tracking massively improved by Firmware update 1.2

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E-M5's C-AF-Tracking massively improved by Firmware update 1.2

Well, to date I regarded the C-AF-tracking of the E-M5 as virtually useless, as it tended to always focus on anything but my chosen subjects - usually the grass next to the path instead of my dogs. But the firnware update 1.2 seems to have worked wonders. Suddenly, the tracking seems to be really usable. Even in the case of the crow (pic one) the AF field remained on the bird instead of jumping to the grass behind what it definitely woud have done before the firmware udate. (possibly this is caused by the fact that the minimised AF field remains visible for a second or so at the simultaneously with the bigger tracking AF field - and I assume, that the first focusing is executed by the minimised AF field. But that's just an assaumption and nothing else .) And somebody with more skills than me in this area possibly even could be able to use the tracking for shooting BIF, now (pic two), while I chose a too slow shutter speed and wasn't able to keep the bird in the EVF - but hey, it was my first effort.

All the other pics are - what arguably won't come as a surprise to those who know me - of my dogs. And I have to say that the tracking performance was a really positive surprise.


The only low (demonstrated by the final pics of the two Shar Pei series):

The tracking loses track at a distance when the normal C-AF still is able to keep on AF-ing, with the exact distance arguably depending from the speed you subject is moving at. But when this distance is reached, the AF field suddenly loses its target and moves to the frame of the EVF.

Anyway - altogether, I'm really happy with the improvements.

And should the weather be fine on the weekend - what would represent a major surprise this summer in Germany - I'll subject the tracking to an ultimate test at the dog-race circuit, this Saturday.

Why not - if there's enough space on the sofa...

I'm a HOlygan

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