NEX-5N Poor IQ (sharpness)

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Re: NEX-5N Poor IQ (sharpness)

Sounds like the lens is not focusing properly. It isn't a camera issue. Turn on DMF for your focus setting, and then turn on FOCUS PEAKING (choose red, yellow, or white). If you want to, set the shoot mode to IAUTO (if you like, as far as I know, this works in all shoot modes), half press the shutter button to lock focus, and while holding focus lock, turn the focus ring on the lens. You will have immediate magnification, and will then be able to adjust the focus to have the heaviest concentration of whatever contrast highlight color you chose. Take the shot and review. I think that you will see immediate improvement with even the kit lens that comes with the NEX5N.

I use a Zeiss 24mm (fits both of my NEX5N's and my NEX7) at times, and of course the picture quality is superior, but it also costs a thousand dollars. But even when I am using the Zeiss lens, I always finish off what the camera/lens decides is the best focus.

I hope that this helps, it works perfectly on all 3 of my NEX units.

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