D800 6fps DX mode hack?

Started Jul 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
reginalddwight Senior Member • Posts: 2,003
Re: D800 6fps DX mode hack?

Yes, but at what cost?

Joshlovesphotos wrote:

I know that unfortunately what makes you gentlemen so good at your craft, probably doesn't leave you any room to be into electronics, but I figured I would ask this question....

Does anyone think it's possible to either reprogram the firmware on the D800, or connect some pins on the battery grip port on the bottom of the camera, so that it either does the 6fps in DX mode, or tricks the camera into thinking it has a battery grip on?

Does anyone have one of those knockoff battery grips that you would be willing to take apart, to find out exactly what is telling the camera that a battery grip is on?

I'm interested in purchasing a D800, but I don't want to buy or use the camera with a big honking grip and extra battery weight. I do weddings, and my hands cramp up.

And before anyone says it, I still need the FX format, of course. I just want the 6fps for the reception dancing that can get pretty animated. Love the in between shots, and don't want to miss them.



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