From DLSR to NEX. How Tough a Transition?

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Re: From DLSR to NEX. How Tough a Transition?

The transition from DSLR (in my case, a 60D, a 7D, and others, with some "L" glass) to the NEX7 is virtually seamless and requires very little time. The placement of the "Tri-Control" array of the two knobs on the right upper deck, and the controller wheel on the back of the camera fall easily to the hand, are ergonomically placed, and are completely assignable to virtually any function that the camera features (the default assignments are perfect for manual shooting). You will find after a few short hours of using the NEX7, that the control layout is brilliant. You will also start to wonder why you are dragging that 7D with the 24-105mm L lens with you when you can accomplish the same thing (or better) with the NEX7 form factor and the revolutionary control design.

I, like yourself, have been doing this for a while now. My first 35mm film camera was a Minolta SRT-101 if that tells you anything. My impression of the NEX7 is that it is the most capable camera that I have ever owned (the focus peaking feature is a Godsend to those of us whose vision could use a little tuning). Doe's it do everything? No. I'm I selling my 7D? Probably not (however, I am getting a little tired of checking the battery to see if it still has a charge after what has become some rather long periods on non-use).

Enjoy your NEX7, and I highly recommend the CARL ZEISS 24mm e-mount for everyday use (pricey, but unsurpassed IQ and quality).

You will find the NEX7 in your hands more often than not. Good Luck

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