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Re: corn challenge

RaptorUK wrote:

Tim A2 wrote:

So all the photos were of corn. I would like to hear from those who awarded very low votes to some of the very good photos as to why they gave such low votes.

I didn't vote . . .

I think you are going to get some predictable responses . . .

"Hey dude, some of the Entries were not Corn, they were wheat and stuff . . ."

. . . this is the way all American's talk . . . and the only thing that is called Corn in the Universe is Maize . . .

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Take a look at my album . . .

Well, at least we have good teeth.

I found this all very interesting and if I had voted with this new understanding of the word, I would have voted on all based on photo quality.

I do think it goes both ways though on an international site like this. I think the host did a good job of describing the type of "corn" he was after. While entering something else that fits the title might be within the rules, common sense says it's not going to fair too well, so why bother.

Words have different meanings in different places and meanings change over the years as well. While I now have a good understanding of what corn means in other places, it's not the same in the US. Wheat is wheat, rye is rye and corn is corn. The meaning of a word is more about what people think when they hear it then it is about what a book says it meant in another time or another place. Dictionary's are updated all the time and if language didn't evolve then we'd all still be grunting at each other.

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