FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: confused with your comments

Didn’t mean to confuse anyone. Although I stand by what I said in relation to likely needing to shoot at F4/4.5 to even begin achieving the sharpest results with the FZ200 at full zoom in daylight for wildlife shots/retaining fine, deep fur or feather detail, I’m hot on the F2.8 for the sheer versatility the aperture allows for low light shooting from wide to mid focal lengths.

I’m interested in photographing the likes of badgers, foxes and other crepuscular creatures, for which I currently reserve my old FZ20 (f2.8). Simply put, the new FZ200 would render the 2004 model completely redundant and I could use just the 200 as a true all-in-one, for which I suspect it would prove to be the ideal tool for my requirements.

Problem is, like so many people here, I’m not in a financially stable enough position at the moment to make a new purchase. Hence I’ll be waiting and saving for a while in hope that one day I’ll make the upgrade, by which time the next generation flagship FZ250 or whatever could have been released.

Kind regards to all

Stevie Boy.

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